SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Innumerous accounts of discomfort with security of mobile social networks for gay guys, like Grindr, have prompted the makers of Hornet, a brand new, second generation network, to make security and safety front and center of their app design.

This starts but is not limited to the next most important item after use of condoms to control the spread of STD, the knowledge of one’s HIV status and a reminder to frequently re-test, especially if the person is sexually active on gay social mobile networks.

Based on the positive experience of websites in Asia, Hornet is the first to introduce the “Know your Status” KYS campaign to mobile social networks for gay people.  In their profile, positive or recently tested guys will get a special marker, so that users are prompted to enroll in this purely voluntary campaign for a safer environment.  Once a test comes up for renewal, Hornet reminds people to get tested again, or their KYS status lapses to unknown.

Unlike most other gay SNS and Grindr, Hornet uses an HTTPS secure connection and SSL certificates as known from your Online Banking.

In addition, Hornet has integrated innumerous safety and security features into its app.  Unlike most other gay SNS and Grindr, Hornet uses an HTTPS secure connection and SSL certificates as known from your Online Banking.  It also gives users full control over a private portion of their picture uploads, so that broadcasting one’s profile in their neighborhood can be more controlled than an entirely open experience or map-based displays, making them vulnerable to hate crimes.

Within any app system that stores data, there are vulnerabilities, but apps like Grindr can make some easy improvements to move forward with security.  Hornet encourages the entire app community to make improvements and migrate in this direction, so that users can browse in a more secure environment, making our message today about bringing the ease of online dating to more users and sharing the market in a secure way.

Hornet App is available on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). To get it from the Apple App Store, go here

  • Hornet is a gay social and dating app with these key features:
  • Fun natural way to swipe between profiles using your finger to scroll left and right from profile to profile and up and down for member photos.
  • This GPS location based application acts like a gay radar to find gay and curious men in your area. Browse the guys closest to you in feet or meters.
  • The app also has an explore feature: if you work in one spot and live in another or are planning a trip, you can explore other geography and see who is using Hornet there by setting your location to any desired location.
  • Cruise and Chat with guys you want to meet for dates, friendship or to show you around the city.

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About Hornet Networks

Hornet Networks is gay owned, developer and distributer of the Hornet iPhone Application—a location-based mobile dating and social network that that lets you meet new friends based on criteria you set including geography, share photos quickly by sharing preloaded galleries, and keep notes about people you chat with. Founders and backers include the ranks of LGBT at Microsoft, Linkedin, and Silicon Valley venture technologists.