Hornet a founding member of Global HIV Prevention Coalition, attends Meeting #GPC2020, Convened by UNAIDS in Geneva Switzerland

Hornet is a founding member of United Nations Global Prevention Coalition along with the African Union, Gates Foundation, MSMGF, the Global Fund, Member States from China to Lesotho. Hornet is the only private sector founding member. Our role isn’t to trumpet victories in the fight against HIV but to challenge member states to not erase the existence of gay men in their countries— that our 25 million Hornet users are their constituents and do not have access to treatment or prevention.

“UNAIDS and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) are working with United Nations Member States, civil society, philanthropists, academics and international organizations to generate support for a global HIV prevention coalition. When launched, the new Prevention Coalition will champion the Prevention2020 Road Map for achieving the global commitments on HIV prevention.”


Today country delegations, NGOs, and other UN bodies meet to review the HIV Prevention Road Map, accelerating HIV prevention to reduce new infections by 75%.

HIV is a global issue with unequal global responses. Many countries do not have a good track record when it comes to key populations, particularly gay men, who face some of the highest HIV infection rates.

Global fund, MSMGF, and others will present on strengthening global accountability at the Global HIV Prevention Coalition Meeting #GPC2020, convened by UNAIDS in Geneva Switzerland. The Ministry of Health for Brazil,  PEPFAR, and others will pursue how to move from commitments to action: making policies conducive to prevention.

MSMGF spear headed an effort to review and address weaknesses in the last 15 years of failed tactics for combatting HIV while calling for “a new phase in the evolution of the HIV response—one that reinvigorates prevention by seamlessly combining the efficacy of upstream, midstream, and downstream interventions with the powerful effectiveness of community action.” Hornet joined the call to action and global consensus of NGOs working on MSM HIV prevention and treatment.

Hornet President, Sean Howell, is attending with a special invitation to help represent the unanswered need for increased HIV prevention efforts and treatment for gay men.  Howell will share research obtained by Hornet and its partners which illustrate a lack of access to care. Hornet’s user base of 25 million is comprised of men living around the world, many of whom face huge adversity gaining access to treatment with HIV infection rates booming in countries like Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines. Howell will also share about Hornet’s in-app HIV education available in 17 languages, political action in Brazil to speed up PREP access and new research with UNAIDS in Brazil. He’ll also be addressing issues facing gay men in adverse regions like Egypt and Chechnya and the increased challenges around HIV given new oppressive efforts.


For anyone interested in posting and/or following on social media, the event hashtag is #GPC2020. The opening session (CET 09:00-09:45) and the statements from heads of delegations ( CET 10:45-12:30) will be streamed live on the UNAIDS Facebook account, which you can access here: facebook.com/unaids

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