As LGBTQ topics are no longer “in the closet” in Chinese society, and Taiwan is well on its way to marriage equality, Hornet enlisted one of the most credible survey companies, Insight Xplorer, to understand how social and dating apps play a role in the lives of gay men.

In November 2017, a sample of nearly 700 interviewees between the ages of 18-50 who identified as gay, bisexual or curious underwent the online 15-minute survey. 

Here are some of the survey’s key findings:

  • In Taiwan, the “penetration” of gay social and dating apps is an outstanding 90.4%.
  • Among gay men in Taiwan, 81.9% consider these apps to the best way to meet other men.
  • Among all gay apps, Hornet is the #1 gay app in the Taiwan market.
  • Of Hornet’s users, 60% use the app multiple times per day.
  • When surveyed on why gay men use gay social and dating apps, they said: to consume relevant content (87.1%), because of an app’s large user base (85.9%), and because the apps make their lives fun (83.6%).

For more details on Hornet’s survey, please find the report here.


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