Why Am I Not Able to Change My Email and Password?

Have you chosen to sign up to Hornet or Spaces through a combination of an email address and a password?

If you did, the option to change them should be available to you at any time on the app’s settings. However, if you chose any other sign-up method, i.e. through your Apple ID, or Facebook or Google Accounts, this feature may not be available to you.

When you sign up to Hornet or Spaces using a third-party account, we may not capture your email address. Your login information will be through that third-party account.

If you ever lose the ability to access that third-party account, you can contact our support team to regain access to Hornet or Spaces. It’s essential for you to inform your Hornet/Space’s username (@…) so they can trace it and help you accordingly.

If you still didn’t find an answer to your question or problem, please contact our support team here. It’s important to inform us of your username (@…) so that we can trace your account and get you a faster response.

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