Why Am I Not Able to Change My Email and Password?

Have you chosen to sign up to Hornet or Spaces through a combination of an email address and a password?

If you did, the option to change them should be available to you at any time on the app’s settings. However, if you chose any other sign-up method, i.e. through your Apple ID, or Facebook or Google Accounts, this feature may not be available to you.

When you sign up to Hornet or Spaces using a third-party account, we may not capture your email address. Your login information will be through that third-party account.

If you ever lose the ability to access that third-party account, you can contact our support team to regain access to Hornet or Spaces. It’s essential for you to inform your Hornet/Space’s username (@…) so they can trace it and help you accordingly.

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