How Do I Create an Account?

Welcome to Spaces! We’re so happy to have you with us. ?

The first step in creating your account is to download the app. Currently, Spaces is available for iOS and Android.

Note: If you already have a Hornet Account, you don’t need to create a new one for Spaces. In that case, please tap on Sign In and enter the same login credentials you’d use on Hornet to access Spaces.

Once the Spaces app is installed, please follow these steps to create your account:

  • Open Spaces.
  • Tap on Get Started.
  • Choose between the available sign-up options (i.e. through your Apple or Facebook accounts, or through a combination of an email address and a password).
  • Complete the challenge to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Add a display name and choose a username (@…).
  • Select your date of birth.
  • Provide information about your gender, communities, and pronouns (optional).
  • Tap on Join Spaces.

Please note that by creating an account, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We strongly recommend you review them along with our Usage Guidelines.

If you still didn’t find an answer to your question or problem, please contact our support team here. It’s important to inform us of your username (@…) so that we can trace your account and get you a faster response.

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