How many points do I earn per contribution?

In order to recognize your contributions to the Hornet Contributor Community, we grant visible badges that display your affiliation to the programs. Additionally, you may earn points that can be redeemed in our shop. How many points you earn per contribution depends on your badge level as well as the program you’re contributing to. With enough points, you’ll be able to redeem rewards (e.g. a Hornet Premium subscription) through our shop!

The following is a summary of how badges and points are granted:


  • Level 1 – Moderator
    • Badge is granted immediately after your application has been accepted or after your first valid moderation report
    • As a Moderator you earn:
      • 25 points for your first valid moderation report
      • 5 points for each subsequent valid report
      • 100 points for more than 100 reports in a day
  • Level 2 – Super Moderator
    • Badge is granted after 2500 valid reports have been submitted
    • As a Super Moderator you earn:
      • 10 points for each valid report
      • 300 points for more than 100 reports in a day
  • Level 3 – Expert Moderator
    • Badge is granted to an invitation-only group of the most highly trusted moderators. A candidate must have logged at least 10,000 valid reports.
    • As an Expert Moderator you earn:
      • 20 points for each valid report
      • 500 points for more than 100 points in a day
  • Bonus points
    • Regardless of your level, Moderators earn:
      • 2,500 bonus points every 2500 moderation reports
      • Potential bonus points for campaigns and special events.

Video Moderators

Badge is granted to moderators who passed the application process and have at least 3 months as active moderators.

As a Video Moderator, you earn weekly:

  • 1 video report = 10 HP

Super Moderator badge holder:

  • 1 video report = 20 HP

Expert Moderator badge holder:

  • 1 video report = 40 HP

Beta Testers

  • Level 1 – Tester
    • Badge is granted upon a first bug submission
  • Level 2 – Power Tester
    • Badge is granted after being an active tester for 1 month and having earned 3,500 points for bug contributions (points for other programs do not count)
  • Level 3 – Test Guru
    • Badge is granted after earning 7,000 points. Candidates must already have a Power Tester badge and must be fluent in English, and may be responsible for reviewing bug reports from Testers and Power Testers.
  • All Beta Testers earn:
    • 20 points for the first bug report
    • 20 points for each subsequent report (maximum for 5 reports per 7 days)
    • An additional 100-1100 points depending on the quality of the report. Quality of the report is determined by our bug reporting guidelines.

Featured Users

  • FeaturedGuys Program Contributor Community members get:
    • 2500 Hornet Points for weekly active participation in Featured Guys Program’s monitoring & moderation (invitation only – 5 receivers)
    • 5000 Hornet Points for the special focus activities regarding Featured Guys Program (invitation only – 2 receivers)
  • Bonus
    • Potential bonus points for campaigns and special events

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