Temporary Suspension

If you are receiving a “Sorry!” pop-up message when you try to do certain actions on the Hornet app, it means that you have been temporarily suspended.

If you do not follow Hornet’s guidelines on acceptable behavior on the app, Hornet will block you from certain features for 72 hours. You will still be able to use the Hornet app, scroll through the feed and grid as normal, and read messages. However, you will not be able to post moments, add photos, make comments or post videos for 72 hours.

The most common reasons for being suspended are online bullying, abusive or threatening behavior, spreading misinformation, spamming comments, commercial activity, creating a ‘shaming’ post or continually uploading nude photos. If you are unsure what Hornet’s guidelines are on acceptable behavior, please refer to the guidelines here.

If you have any questions concerning this, you can contact our support team at feedback@hornet.com

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