Why Does My Public Space Suddenly Become Private?

When you create a ‘public’ Space and it becomes ‘private’, this means that a member of the SPACES Team has changed the Space’s privacy settings from public to private. We do so when we believe the content being posted is not safe for work (NSFW). This could be due to the content being explicit, inappropriate, or potentially harmful to the public.

In general, the SPACES Team has the ability to manage and moderate the content that is shared in a Space to ensure that it adheres to our Content and Community Guidelines. This may include taking action to make the Space private or invisible to protect other users from being exposed to inappropriate or harmful content.

If you still didn’t find an answer to your question or problem, please contact our support team here. It’s important to inform us of your username (@…) so that we can trace your account and provide a quicker response.

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