Etiquette Guide

(aka Finishing School For Good Little Hornet Users)

Hornet is first and foremost a place for our Members to have fun and express themselves. It’s a safe place you can come to and connect with like-minded guys in an environment of mutual respect and understanding. Friendships blossoming, reading up on the latest stories, finding the hottest spots in town and fun to be had. Think unicorns and rainbows and everything in a cartoon-like cocoon of loveliness.

Anyway - we are all human beings with our own opinions, thoughts and emotions. We should all respect those of others. Lets just mention that word again. Respect. That's a lovely word, isn't it? R-E-S-P-E-C-T. (Try saying that without singing the song!) Treating others with respect. Remember that its not just a photo on an app you are speaking to – its an actual person. A person with feelings. A person who might have just had the worst day of his life. He doesn’t need you making it worse just because it gives you a troll-thrill. Leave your trolling to national newspaper comments sections and political blogs.

We are not living in a make-believe world. We know everyone has their own likes and dislikes and it’s not all a big love-fest. Some people just aren’t going to be compatible. However, just because someone is not your cup of tea, or holds different views, does not give you the right to be rude to them. Rejection is hard. Be polite. Today it is you doing the rejecting but pretty soon you will be on the receiving end too. A simple no thank you is all that is required. Hornet will never accept any rejection that refers to a person’s age, religion, race, or size.

The flip-side of that is if you are on the receiving end of a rejection, have the good grace to move on. There is no need to question a person’s motives.  Picture this: Salzburg, Austria, late 1930s. A Captain is on the terrace in the early evening, rejecting a Baroness in favor of a chirpier, all-singing, man-stealing nun. Does said Baroness go into a hissy-fit and start dissing the Captain and bad-mouthing the nun?! No. She goes into soft-focus, whispers Auf Wiedersehen in an American-European pseudo-aristocratic accent and glides out seamlessly as if on a cloud. Perfection. Take a note out of the Baroness’s big book of “How to Handle Rejection Appropriately”. Her follow-up book "How to Protect Your Man From Man-Hungry Nuns" was equally good. But we digress....

Ok - back on topic! Blocking. Blocking is a useful way to remove a person from your safe space. It's quick and simple. Do not get into a big argument with the person. Arguments can quickly escalate and if both parties start throwing shade at each other, then both of you might be suspended from Hornet, regardless of who started it.  If someone is being abusive, then report them to us. This will also block them at the same time.

We are a diverse lot on Hornet. All with different standards, morals, values, opinions and ideas. Do not assume that because you find something acceptable, everyone else does.  Make a connection with people first and get to know them.

Above all – BE NICE! Enjoy yourself! Leave the negativity and hate for your workplace. Take that out on your colleagues like everyone else does. Keep the happy thoughts and all round positivity for Hornet! A safe space of mutual respect and understanding will create a much happier and enjoyable experience for everyone and we will all live happily-ever-after, The End.