Usage Guidelines

This is probably the area we get the most complaints about. We have been called everything from "Secret Police" to "religious fanatics on a moral crusade". Believe us - we aren't.

Hornet is meant to be fun and about your freedom to express yourself. We want that and encourage that! But that fun and freedom does not mean we will allow you to upload a photo of you holding your most prized possession. Yes we know it looks lovely, but, no.

We have to honor some guidelines by our partners Apple and Google, among others. If we don't - bam - Hornet gets pulled quicker than a quick thing on National Quick Day. Was your ability to show the world your naughty bits really worth Hornet being taken off the air?!

Here comes the list of things you can't do. It's a guide. It's not 'the law'. Even if you think you meet all the requirements, we can still reject your photo. We are not obligated to put your photo back up just because you feel the guy next door has a naughtier photo. We are not picking on / targeting / singling out anyone. We don't care if you regularly walk down the street like that. We reserve the right to remove any photo and/ or text we feel like, for any reason we feel like. That includes jealousy. Some of these guidelines are subjective and/or open to interpretation. It will therefore be our interpretation that is final. All decisions regarding these guidelines are based on the discretion of Hornet. Yep - that's right. It's *our* decision! 

To find out how we expect you to act towards others, please go to our Etiquette Guide.

Photo Guidelines

Things that are NOT allowed on Hornet including but not limited to:

The Obvious

The Not-So-Obvious (but still banned)

Now that we have the list out of the way, lets cover a few of those borderline areas. 

Now on to the profile itself. Things that are NOT allowed on the profile name, headline, description etc: including but not limited to:

If you see any photos on Hornet that contravene these guidelines, please report them through the app under the "Report this guy" function. We get thousands of photos to approve every day and occasionally we make a mistake and allow a photo that we shouldn't. Your help is greatly appreciated! 

Remark: All photo approvals and classifications are based on the discretion of Hornet. Photos posted to Hornet are reviewed and approved in the order in which they are received.