TikTok Star: ‘Coming Out as Vegan Is Much More Special Than Coming Out as LGBTQ’

TikTok’s ‘That Vegan Teacher’ has caught a lot of grief for saying coming out as Vegan is “much more special” than coming out as LGBTQ.

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The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Castle Is a Luxe Hotel Perfect for a Weekend Stay

Located less than a half-hour from London’s Heathrow Airport, is Oakley Court your next vacation destination?

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6 Sexy Gay Video Games Designed to Get You All Hot and Bothered

Don’t you hate it when you can’t decide whether or not you want to play games or masturbate? With these sexy gay video games, you don’t have to choose!

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We Scored the Big Upcoming Comic Book Film & TV Projects by How Gay They’ll Be

Hey, gay comic book movie fans, you probably already know that real LGBTQ representation in upcoming comic book movies is on the way! But where will it pop up? With many projects getting delayed, the scheduling for upcoming comic book movies and TV series has been rocky at best. But[…]

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