Romance in Celluloid: Here Are 10 of the Most Loving Male Couples From Modern Films

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so what better time to watch some gay romantic movies? Here are 10 of our favorite couples who support each other with love

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A Short History of the Bidet (and Why It Never Became Popular in America)

This short, interesting bidet history shows why the European fountain for cleaning people’s undersides never caught on in America, despite being awesome

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Watch These Queer Men of Color Frankly Discuss the Racism They Encounter on Gay Apps

Many queer men of color experience racism on gay apps, so filmmaker Patrick Lee talked to 4 men of color about it and how we can make friendlier online spaces

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18 Queer People Of Asian Descent Who Are Kicking Ass in 2021

Here are 18 LGBTQ Asian and Asian-Americans who are truly kicking ass in the new year, through art, advocacy, politics and more.

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