The First-Ever Virtual Pan-African Pride Is Streaming Now, and You Can Tune in All Weekend Long

This year has seen many planned events “go virtual” due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the latest is a pan-African Pride event called Pride Afrique that has just begun live-streaming and will take place throughout the weekend. The virtual Pan-African Pride event describes itself as: A virtual celebration of[…]

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These 5 Hornet Users Had Our Favorite Posts of the Past Week

With more than 25 million users around the world, on any given day the Hornet Feed features slices of life from a wide variety of guys. So in an attempt to highlight the diversity of our userbase and showcase some of our favorite Feed contributions, we’ve gathered our 5 favorite[…]

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Feeling Stressed? Science Says You Should Sniff Your Man’s Dirty Clothes

A new partner scent study showed that the smell of your boyfriend’s body odor can help reduce your stress levels during examinations and job interviews

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Let’s Explore the Story of Biblical Namesake King James I and His Lifelong Gay Lover

Though King James I was responsible for one of the most famous translations of the Bible, he also had a life-long relationship with a man, George Villiers

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