10 Movies That You (Probably) Didn’t Know Were Based on Comic Books

There are several films floating around that you likely had no idea were based on comic books or graphic novels

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This Hunky Guy Uses Books to Create Amazing, Nerdtastic Art on His Instagram

James Trevino is a hunky bibliophile in Romania and makes amazing book art for his Instagram profile — and best of all, no books are harmed in the making

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‘Super Smash Bros.’ Has Been Reimagined With Hot, Burly Bears

We love when talented artists take one of our favorite video games or cartoon obsessions and reimagine the characters as queer folk. Artist Leonardo Gutierrez did just that with his “Bearsionated” Super Smash Bros. series — and the result is pretty fantastic. Leo and his friend Ian are the founders of OSO[…]

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Straight Guys Were Asked How They’d Feel About a Gay Roommate, and Here’s What They Said

And now for something truly heartwarming, courtesy of Reddit. (Yeah, you read that right.) In a recent thread on r/AskMen, one Redditor asked a bunch of straight guys how they would feel about having a gay roommate, and the majority of the responses did not disappoint. u/Danboy1344 asked: “How would[…]

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