7 Things to Consider About Monogamy and Finding a Healthy Relationship Style

Many don’t know that you can be sex-positive and still prefer monogamy, just like you can be sex-negative and prefer an open or poly relationship style.

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We’re Celebrating Dolly Parton’s Birthday With 5 of Her Most Brilliant Covers

Dolly Parton’s back in the news after her amazing Emmy appearance — so we thought we’d celebrate the legend with our favorite covers

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Ahead of HBO’s Just-Announced Reboot, We Look Back at 5 Favorite Queer ‘Degrassi’ Characters

HBO Max is riding the nostalgia wave, and we’re living for it. The latest series soon to be resurrected is Degrassi. Not only is HBO Max creating a Degrassi reboot with 10 hour-long episodes set to debut in 2023, but it’s also adding all 14 seasons of Degrassi: The Next[…]

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Read Martin Luther King Jr.’s Advice to a Closeted Teen

10 years before the Stonewall uprising, Martin Luther King Jr. gave advice to a scared, closeted teen… but was it good advice?

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