Follow These 10 Sexy Gay Yoga Masters on Instagram to Find Your Inner Chi

Whether or not you’ve ever tried a long, meditative stretching session, these 10 gay yoga masters will leave you wanting to align your chakras

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Feeling Stressed? Science Says You Should Sniff Your Man’s Dirty Clothes

A new partner scent study showed that the smell of your boyfriend’s body odor can help reduce your stress levels during examinations and job interviews

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In 1994, RuPaul Starred in This Action Comedy About Stealing HIV Meds

This indie film starring RuPaul is about four friends who start robbing pharmacies for HIV meds

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Straight Guys Were Asked How They’d Feel About a Gay Roommate, and Here’s What They Said

And now for something truly heartwarming, courtesy of Reddit. (Yeah, you read that right.) In a recent thread on r/AskMen, one Redditor asked a bunch of straight guys how they would feel about having a gay roommate, and the majority of the responses did not disappoint. u/Danboy1344 asked: “How would[…]

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