20 Obscure Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck

Looking for Christmas party music that isn’t just ‘Silent Night’, ‘Jingle Bells’, or other overplayed classics? Check out our top 20 Christmas songs!

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10 Obscure Fetishes and Their Psychology, From Looning and MPREG to Vorarephilia

No matter how vanilla your sex life, everyone has a kinky turn-on or two, but these unusual fetishes take things to another level

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20 Vintage Pics Snapped Before Men Were Conditioned to Not Show Physical Affection

An internet historian has located these images of men showing physical affection without worry

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‘Penis Death Grip Syndrome’ Sounds Horrifying, But It’s Most Likely Not Why You Can’t Get It Up

If you’re having ejaculation problems, we feel bad for you, son. You’ve got 99 problems, but Penis Death Grip Syndrome probably ain’t one

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