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Despite Its Solid Pop Dance Songs, ‘Chromatica’ Can’t Reach Its Full Potential in the Coronavirus Era

Like every other gay man on the planet, I’ve been wishing for the new Lady Gaga record to get back to her synthetic, club happy roots. After the Tony Bennett duets, the Americana foray, the acting and the award nominations and the fucking Oscar, it’s finally arrived, the sixth magnum[…]

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25 Essential Drag Queen Films Every ‘Drag Race’ Fan Needs to See

If you’re a ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ stan and need additional education or just sensory stimulation, then this list of films is for you

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Gay Couple Goes Viral After Recreating Their Pride Kiss Photo 24 Years Later

A gay married couple recently re-created a photo they took 24 years ago of them at a pride event sharing a kiss, and the photos have since gone viral

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Were You Aware All These LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Existed?

Gynephilia? Skoliosexual? Lithromantic? Here’s 20 or more Pride flags you’ve never seen at your local parade or bar (and who they represent).

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