10 Ways to Get All The Sex On Tinder Health

10 Ways to Get All The Sex On Tinder

Written by Dave White on March 23, 2017
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Tinder is a mobile app for dating. Haha, just kidding. It’s mostly an app for hooking-up, and it makes connecting and judging people super easy! Just swipe left on a person’s picture to reject them, right to accept them.

If you and another person both swipe right on each other, then the program lets you start chatting… and that’s where the REAL FUN begins. Because if you’re good at chat, chances are you’ll get mad crazy non-stop laid 24-7… or something.

Sexy chat can be challenging, so we’ve rounded up 10 veritable Cassanovas to show how it’s done. Here we go:

Come right out the box with championship-level flirt moves:

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Establish zero charisma early and often:

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Know when it’s time to call the police:


Reference historical legends for that touch of erudition:


If you meet a trans person and you are a complete idiot, let them know immediately so that they can get on with their day:

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Intutively conduct sensitive dialogue about the difficult issues:

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When the mood is right — and it’s always right — get it Ginuwine-style:

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Or Ghibli-style:

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Learn to recognize when it’s love at first sight:

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Learn to recognize when it is not:

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