trans batman character victoria october
trans batman character victoria october

Batman Comic Debuts Awesome Trans Character

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Bleeding Cool News noticed something about Dr. Victoria October, a new character introduced into the Batman universe in Detective Comics #948: she’s trans.

The character appears to be a scientist who specializes in the study of creepy monsters. Probably a good career in the DC Comics universe.

Victoria October trans batman character

She doesn’t use the word “trans”, but from the dialog, it’s super obvious. She refers to her “pupal stage” (what a caterpillar goes through before becoming a butterfly) and mentions her “deadname” (pre-transition name).

[Batman and I] go way back… That was my pupal stage, before I came into myself. I did appreciate the card.

My deadname didn’t have half the panache, I’m afraid.

With that, Dr. October joins the DC Comics cast of queer characters, which also includes Wonder WomanBatwoman, and Superman when he touches pink Kryptonite (no really).

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