11 Hilarious (And Slightly Political) Celebrities On Twitter You MUST Follow

11 Hilarious (And Slightly Political) Celebrities On Twitter You MUST Follow

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Why we’re covering this: Twitter and other social media websites have given us an incredible level of unfiltered access to our favorite celebrities. Sometimes, this access leads us to discover that our favorite celebrities are actually terrible (looking at you, Richard Dawkins), but fortunately there are some celebrities with great Twitter accounts. Here are just a few of them.

1. Carrie Fisher @carrieffisher

Carrie Fisher’s Twitter account is delightfully weird and often blunt. The space princess doesn’t hold back when discussing her history of mental illness or substance abuse.

She’s not afraid to confront rude dweebs who try to criticize her looks, either.

And she won’t hesitate to bite the hand that feeds her when she comes across a truly bewildering bit of Star Wars merchandise.

Her wonderful, wonky-faced dog Gary makes frequent appearances. (He has a Twitter account as well.)

At times, her tweets are a little difficult to read, since she often writes in some sort of weird emoji rebus puzzle code. Fortunately, she drew up a Carrie Fisher alphabet for us.

2 & 3. Keegan-Michael Key @KeeganMKey and Jordan Peele @JordanPeele

Key and Peele’s unique brand of nerdy comedy translates beautifully to Twitter.

Jordan Peele isn’t as active on the site as his comedy partner is, but he once made an incredible Tweet that condenses the Shining into emoji-format. If emojis count as pictures, and a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this single post is worth 3,429 tweets:

He also doles out valuable life advice:

Recently, Key and Peele answered a series of questions from fans and the two did not hold back. Unafraid to court controversy, they unapologetically weighed in on an issue that has plagued Twitter for ages: Is a hot dog a sandwich? (Answer: yes. A selfish German sandwich.)

Keegan-Michael Key is clearly the edgier of the pair. He calls it like he sees it, no matter whom he offends:

4. J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling

If you don’t mind a lot of political content, J.K. Rowling’s Twitter feed is definitely worth a look. She often offers insight into the process of getting published, particularly the despair of rejection. Here is how she dealt with rejection:

Those of you struggling writers out there might take solace in the fact that Rowling still receives rejection letters from publishers — or at least her pseudonym Robert Galbrath does.

Rowling interacts with her fans quite a lot on Twitter, which is remarkable considering how famous she is. She often offers her fans kind messages.

She’s also willing to answer her fans’ incredibly obscure questions about the minutia of the Potterverse.

And she’ll weigh in on controversies, like when a bunch of white Harry Potter fans freaked out that Hermione was going to be played by a black actress in a stage play.

She’s not afraid to confront her haters, either.

5. Stephen King @StephenKing

Stephen King doesn’t update very often, but on Twitter he’s going for quality, not quantity. The master of horror’s Twitter feed is charmingly mellow, filled largely with pictures of his dog Molly (which he refers to as The Thing of Evil):

Like everyone on Twitter, he gets political at times, but his politics are reasonable and mild. He loves to take potshots at Maine’s horrible Tea Party governor Paul LePage.

Apparently, these insults really hit the mark, because LePage, infuriated at being owned online, responded with slander, claiming King was a tax-dodger. If you ever wanted to see a bestselling author and a terrible United States governor get into an internet flame war, follow Stephen King on Twitter.

And every so often, King gets a little spooky.

6. Janelle Monae @JanelleMonae

As if being a musician, dancer, record label CEO, fashion icon and android weren’t enough, Janelle Monae has a pretty great Twitter account, too.

Unsurprisingly, she often writes about science fiction:

She has a lot to say about technology and its ability to either desensitize us or make us better:

She writes about feminism, too.

And she really values empathy:

7. Andy Richter @AndyRichter

Unsurprisingly, comedian Andy Richter’s Twitter feed is full of the sort of clever, often self-deprecating jokes he is known for:

He gets political at times, but not in an extreme way, and he generally has reasonable opinions.

This has, naturally, earned him the ire of the “alt-right” (or as they’re more traditionally known, “neo-Nazis”). Richter responds to their anger beautifully.

8. Mara Wilson @MaraWritesStuff

As a child actor, Mara Wilson appeared in Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda. She took a long break from the public eye for a while, but now she’s back as a writer, podcaster and one of the best celebrity Twitter accounts. Here’s how she describes her life:

Wilson tweets a lot of witty observational humor.

She also weighs in on child stardom every once in a while.

9. Mark Hamill @HamillHimself

Mark Hamill is another Star Wars alumnus worth following on Twitter. He posts frequently, and often offers insight into moviemaking.

He also offers insight into some of his questionable fashion choices throughout the years:

Hamill interacts with his fans a lot on Twitter, which is remarkable considering 1) he’s kind of a big deal and 2) Star Wars fans are probably pretty hard to deal with sometimes.

Hamill has a cute tradition of describing things in X number of words at the behest of his fans. He’s pretty witty!

10. Margaret Cho @MargaretCho

Unsurprisingly, Margaret Cho is just as outspoken on Twitter as she is everywhere else. The groundbreaking comedian is as raunchy as ever.

But it’s not all fisting and Five Guys. There are times when she gets serious and discusses personal topics like her struggles with body image and self-esteem:

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