11 Hot Photographs of Bel Ami Boys for the Thirsty Gay Man in Us All (NSFW)

Be prepared to see the boys of Bel Ami in a whole new light.

Rick Day is a fashion photographer based in New York City. He has always had a gift of capturing the beauty of the male figure. His new collection, Rick Day Bel Ami, matches his talent for encapsulating the “world’s sexiest exhibitionists” with the hotness of Bel Ami’s impressive roster of talent. The collection can be bought on Amazon as a coffee table book or a 2017 calendar.

Here are some of our favorite images from Day’s collection. Don’t worry, as they’re pretty safe for work. Well, maybe not if you work at a church or the office of some conservative Republican in the South. In that case, just step outside and take a look on your phone. We promise we won’t tell anyone.


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