Our 15 Favorite Drag Race Queens on Tumblr

Our 15 Favorite Drag Race Queens on Tumblr

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Ooooh, girl. Where better to find some truly outrageous drag inspiration than Tumblr? There’s a never-ending supply of astonishing makeup, dress and pose ideas churning through the site, and we cannot get enough of the creative looks happing all over the world. Naturally, the emphasis is on RuPaul’s Drag Race stars, past and present, in animated form and in stills.

Check out a few of our top Tumblr Drag Race queens:


Yes, girl. Don’t let them tell you the manager’s not here. Get them on the phone if it’s their day off.


The story of so many of our lives. We think we’re so good at keeping a secret, don’t we?




Never underestimate the power of an accessory. We’re particularly taken with the spiders on the dress.


Glittering and flawless. This is how you enter a room and make jaws drop.


For when you’re not just doing drag, but becoming a work of art.


This is a lounge that we all dream of finding ourselves in someday.

Sometimes a wig can spruce up even the humblest of trios.


Romance is blossoming! And so are those wigs.


Isn’t it great when you and your friend both want the same thing?


Sorry, is there a person in this photo? Because it seems to be a portrait of two legs and nothing else in the world matters anymore.


Someone’s turned violet, Violet.


Ahh, Bianca knows how to have a good time — scaring audiences with Peaches Christ in Sheetlejuice.


Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a drag queen is even made of. We call those queens geniuses.


Hey, wait! You’re not on Drag Race!

…But you should be.

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