The 15 Hottest Men Who Love Dogs on Instagram

The 15 Hottest Men Who Love Dogs on Instagram

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What could be cuter than an animal lover? There’s just something about a guy who knows how to be kind to a dog that sets our hearts aflutter, and we’re delighted to discover that dog-lovers have no qualms about showing off on Instagram.

Check out a collection of some of our favorite dogs and doggie daddies:


This sturdy pair is built to last, though the dog seems to be giving his owner some sassy side-eye.


We don’t know whose furry coat to admire first — the dog’s, or his human’s scruffy beard.


Wait a minute, that’s not a real dog! You’re lucky you’re showing some skin, because otherwise we’d be sending you back to the pound.


Is this an unusually large chihuahua or some unusually small men? Either way, what an adorable family.


This shaggy treat is just waking up from a nap, or maybe about to start the second phase of a nap.


A little romantic interlude. We’ll leave you two alone.


Another dog imposter! We were tricked by the low light and the puppy dog eyes, which ironically are actually human.


Well, that’s it, we’re dead, it’s all over, we can’t go on anymore. This is the end of us. The internet has been won.


A cozy nap, perfect for some mid-day cuddles.


Just imagine that you woke up to see this next to you in bed. It would be the happiest moment of any human being’s life. Aspire to have every day contain at least one moment like that.



Is there anything better than a smiling dog? Look at that big beaming beauty. We’d be smiling like that too if we were sitting next to that sexy pierced dad.


Okay, kiddo, we know you’re not a real dog. Now are you going to put that tongue to use or what?


There you go. That’s how it’s done.