The 15 Hottest Underwear Pictures on Instagram

The 15 Hottest Underwear Pictures on Instagram

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Hey folks, you may not be aware of this, but people are posting photographs of themselves wearing next to nothing on the internet. It’s true. Go check.

And delightfully, this means that Instagram (or whatever photo site you use… but let’s be real, it’s probably Instagram) is a never-ending source of underwear-spiration. Trying to figure out what to snuggle your junk in? Look no further than the #underwear hashtag. It’s the perfect place to decide what the next pair you buy is going to look like… and also to admire some very seductive bodies.

Let’s take a look, starting with the white garment outlining these outstanding thighs:


Go ahead, slip into something more comfortable. Like a slip.


For when you want to strap yourself in with something that resembles police tape:


Aye, that’ll do — a dark, mysterious approach to cupping your crotch.


The filter makes it hard to tell: Is that swirly pattern on the underwear? Or is it because our eyes have gone all swirly and hypnotized by this sexy torso?

Good Morning…#LyfestyleThursday all about what's underneath #couture #undies #fashion

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Ah yes, go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Stay awhile. Be sure to plan ahead and accent the yellow walls with a teal band on your underthings.


Wait, why are these women laughing? There isn’t a salad in sight.


These geeky boxer-briefs have the power to confirm, when you see them, that you have gone home with the right person.


Oh nice. Your waist looks like a Grecian urn.


We are seeing stars. Ah, the majesty of the cosmos!


Please continue hovering because that floor is clearly way too dirty to be walking around barefoot.


Practical? Maybe not. But imagine walking around all day, knowing that these are under your dress clothes and nobody knows it but you and the sexy friend you texted a selfie to in the bathroom at work.


Oh geez this is gorgeous. One hundred percent fit for a queen.


Buckle up! Safety first.


Aha, an art lover! We love to see a body that’s been turned into a canvass, either on the flesh itself or on the materials that cover it. Well done indeed.