15 Things That Bisexuals Wish They Could Say Bye-Bye to for Forever

15 Things That Bisexuals Wish They Could Say Bye-Bye to for Forever

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Oh what a wonderful day it will be when bisexuals no longer have to deal with any of the following thorns in our sides:

1) “The Top 10 Openly Bi Celebrities!”

Articles about bisexuality mostly being about which pop-culture stars are bisexual, while our horrid statistics go unaddressed.

2) Celebrities who don’t say the word ‘bisexual’

Famous people who come out as “I don’t like labels,” but describe their love lives as being what everyone would consider bisexual, when owning the word would have been such a welcome help to bi-visibility.

3) The idea that bisexuality = confusion

Bisexuals being encouraged to wait before we come out as bisexual until we are really, really, sure because maybe we’re just confused, or going through a phase. As many Still Bisexual videos illustrate — all the insistence that there’s a good chance that people who understand themselves to be bisexual, are really just confused leads to… well, unnecessarily confusing bisexuals.

4) People who think everyone is either gay or straight 

People assuming they know what someone’s sexual orientation is, because they know who we they are partnered with.

5) Bi phobia from gay and lesbian people

Gays and lesbians criticizing bisexuals for not dating or marrying same-sex people more often, and then also saying — practically in the same breath — that they would never date or marry a bisexual.

6) The old (and incorrect) definition of “bisexual”

People thinking that the dictionary’s definition of bisexual (which assumes there’s only two genders) should take precedence over the definition every bisexual group uses (which acknowledges “an attraction to more than one gender”).

7) The lie that bi people are transphobes

The ugly notion that bisexuals are transphobic by nature, which for one thing erases a whole bunch of bisexuals who are trans

8) The idea that bisexuality is a phase

The idea that once a bisexual gets into a monogamous relationship we have picked a side and have grown out of our “bisexual phase.”

9) The idea that bisexuals are like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster

People debating whether bisexual men exist.

10) “Tests” requiring others to prove their bisexuality

The idea that a person cannot call themselves bi if they have not been in multiple relationships and had multiple sexual experiences with multiple genders.

11) Silence from and erasure by LGBTQ organizations

The word bisexual being used incredibly often by the porn industry and almost never by many LGBTQ organization.

12) The presumed “straight-privilege” of bi people

The admonishment that bisexuals ought to be just fine, because we have straight-privilege.

13) The media’s habit of mislabelling bi people

Bisexuals being labeled as gay or straight by both the straight and LGBT press.

14) The media’s refusal to label people as bi after they die

The LGBT press refusing to say that a famous dead person is bisexual because the deceased person never said that word about themselves, yet having no problem labeling famous dead people as gay or lesbian based only on a same-gender relationship.

15) The hetero male fantasy of bi female threesomes

Straight men thinking “bisexual female” is a term that means: “Is totally game to have a threesome with me and my woman.”

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