17-Year-Old Boy Seduced By Conservative Politician Reveals Himself to Defend Story

17-Year-Old Boy Seduced By Conservative Politician Reveals Himself to Defend Story

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In September, when we mention that the FBI was investigating Mike Yenni — a 40-year-old Louisiana conservative, heterosexually-married Louisiana politician — for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages to a 17-year-old male, we mentioned that Alex Daigle might be the young man involved. It turns out that Daigle (now age 19) IS the young man, and now he’s standing up to Yenni’s claims that Daigle’s recount of their acquaintance was “fictional.”

In February, Daigle wrote an article entitled “I was seduced by a politician” which didn’t name Yenni by name, but included details of their involvement together. A month after the FBI began their investigation, Yenni told a Louisiana FOX news affiliate, “There are a lot of elements of [Daigle’s] story I truly believe are certainly fictional,” and he accused Daigle of writing the article to win a cash prize in an online contest for the most ‘likes’ — there’s no evidence of this contest ever existing. In the same interview, Yenni added that he himself was “not gay”. Maybe he’s bi.

Daigle has since rebuffed Yenni’s claims, adding:

“I stand by my February 2016 article in its entirety. It is factual… I submitted it to a team of editors and media lawyers who considered the article for months and approved it for release… The article was in no way meant to be a personal attack, but rather an example of dangerous, predatory behaviors within our community that might be overlooked without an active voice making them heard.”

Daigle concluded his self-defense by stating, “I chose not to name Mr. Yenni in the original article. Now, Mr. Yenni has chosen to deny the facts rather than to admit to his actions, presumably in an effort to protect his own image, and, in the process, has chosen to attack my integrity. I choose to no longer be victimized by Mr. Yenni.”

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