19 Yr Old Tells Iowa Court He Loves His Two Moms News

19 Yr Old Tells Iowa Court He Loves His Two Moms

Written by Kevin Farrell on April 04, 2017
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id=”attachment_1760″ “My moms are gay. Get over it.”

19 year old Zach Wahls bravely and eloquently spoke up today in an Iowa courtroom as the state debated whether or not to brand it’s LGBT residents as second class citizens by writing marriage discrimination laws into the state constitution. The very constitution, Mr. Wahls points out, that has been modified the least of every state in the country.

The results – and the balls on this kid- are amazing. We need more Zach Wahls in the world. More children of same-sex parents who grow up to be brilliant, well-adjusted, pillars of their community. Kids like Zach, an honor student, eagle scout, and total dreamboat, who are proud of their parents, and proud of themselves.

BRAVO to Zach and the two surely incredible women who raised him. You’re officially invited to dinner at our place any time.

Admit it, who’s crushing on this fantastic young man?

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