Did a 1950s TV Western Predict the Trump Presidency?

Did a 1950s TV Western Predict the Trump Presidency?

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Netizens recently unearthed a strangely prophetic video of a 1950s TV Western. It seemed to predict the Trump presidency.

The video, which consists of bits from an episode of a cowboy series called Trackdown, is about a conman named Walter Trump who convinces the townsfolk that the world will end—unless they build a big wall around the village.

But the similarities don’t stop there. Walter Trump threatens to sue the lawman who questions him, just as Donald Trump repeatedly threatens the free press. Just like Donald Trump, Walter Trump tells the villagers that he’s the only person they can trust, shutting off their minds from the influence of more reasonable voices. And just like with Donald Trump, the legal authorities in Trackdown do nothing to stop him.

Sadly, the show did not include a foul-mouthed vaquero counterpart to former Mexican President Fox:

The Trackdown episode ends with a handsome cowboy arresting Walter Trump for fraud. Let’s hope that turns out to be accurate, too.

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