20 Joe Biden Memes to Ease You Through This Presidential Transition

20 Joe Biden Memes to Ease You Through This Presidential Transition

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In the dark days of a looming Trump presidency, it’s important we remember to pepper our grave disappointment with a touch of levity. So to ensure that you’re kept cackling at your keyboard—you know, between researching the probability of an electoral college overthrow and cringing at the president-elect’s plan for registering Muslims (seriously, WTF?)—the web has stepped up in the way only it knows how: by continuing the long-standing tradition of the Joe Biden meme.

While “Uncle Joe” may be leaving the White House come January (presumably to single-handedly keep the ice cream industry afloat), he will continue to live on in the form of crass and clever memes, which have in recent days focused on (1) the bromance between Biden and outgoing President Obama, and (2) enacting sweet, sweet revenge on the man we call “Orange Cosby.”

From Biden’s plans to booby trap the White House to the ‘taking out’ of Trump’s horcruxes, these 20 memes (presented in no particular order) exemplify our love for Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., mostly because we can imagine him actually saying each of these things.

Consider it fan fiction for the poli sci nerd in us all.


1. May the “ghost” of Jimmy Carter haunt Trump forever

2. Helping out where it counts

3. We like the way Joe thinks

4. Orange Vader approaches

5. A truer meme has never been crafted

6. One for the Harry Potter fans

7. Joe means business

8. Let’s turn the White House into a game of Mouse Trap

9. Where’s that red light coming from?

10. The joke’s on Fox News

11. Joe knows when not to budge

12. Even more booby traps

13. Joe’s not scared of a little man-on-man affection

14. The ultimate revenge?

15. Sharing the presidential toys

16. What would Will Ferrell (in Step Brothers) do? 

17. When nature calls

18. A disservice to Tom Hanks

19. Pizza party!

20. We’re really gonna miss you, Joe Biden

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