Sexy Instagram Guys
Sexy Instagram Guys

These 20 Sexy Instagram Stars Are Our 2017 Fitness Goals (Photos)

Need help staying on top of that New Year’s resolution to get fit?

One way to stay motivated is to fill your Instagram with lots of eye candy. Their grams remind you of the body you want to have this year (and also of the body you want to have in bed with you this year, too). These 20 Instagram stars hit the gym a lot to maintain the svelte physiques they model to their followers on a daily basis. For some, we want their arms. For others, we want that big ass booty that fills their jock so perfectly well.

Whatever part of your body you need help getting motivated to work out, these 20 droolworthy men will definitely help. They will inspire you to get off Instagram, out of bed and into the gym. Need some help once you’re there? Check out these eight tips by LGBT trainers.

1. Killian

2. Laith Ashley

#tb to a very fun shoot with @_williambaker. #bodyparty #fit #fitness

A photo posted by Laith Ashley [De La Cruz]?? (@laith_ashley) on

3. Wall-E Couto


A photo posted by Wall-E ? (@wallecouto) on

4. Kevin Carnell

Know that I kept it sexy, I know I kept it fun #VersaceMen

A photo posted by Kevin Carnell (@kevincarnell) on

5. Arad Winwin

6. Zach B.

I look like I could be going to the library or the gym or the library’s gym. @jerradmatthew

A photo posted by Zach B. (@bohmdog) on

7. Tuli Kopp

#shooting @arisa.tlv

A photo posted by ! ✨Tuli Kopp✨ (@tulikopp) on

8. Eliad Cohen

Gym done ?✅

A photo posted by Eliad Cohen (@eliad_cohen) on

9. Brett Bretters

It’s hump day and it’s also @cteelphoto’s birthday! Check out his photography, he’s so lovely. #humpday

A photo posted by Brett Bretters (@brettbretters) on

10. Andrea Pgn

Ready for 2017! ? #muscleman #beardman #musclehairy #gayboy #badboy #gayman

A photo posted by Andrea Pgn (@andrea.pgn) on

11. Khasan Brailsford

C_h_a_r_l_i_e • B_r_o_w_n @charliebymz

A photo posted by Khasan Brailsford (@khasanb84) on

12. C-Laurent

All about inside beauty ! ?

A photo posted by C-LAURENT (@laurent.xiv) on

13. Kenta Seki

Happy Friday y’all ✌?

A photo posted by Kenta Seki (@kentaseki) on

14. Anthony Varrecchia

15. Charlie Taylor

Showing off the new cut ✂ cheers @keith_archer

A photo posted by . Charlie Taylor . (@charlietaylor.official) on

16. Michael Dean

If this is a dream don’t wake me up ? @rickdaynyc

A photo posted by Michael Dean (@michaeldean2.0) on

17. Joss Mooney

18. Saul Rodriguez

cnt touch dis

A photo posted by Saul Rodriguez (@saaljitsu) on

19. Kevin Adrian

#exclusive #malemodel @victormagazinemen #editorial #photography by @jeffsegenreich #beauty by @carolinacarpegiani

A photo posted by Kevin Adrian (@kevin_adrian95) on

20. Peter Alamu Carter

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