Month: March 2011

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Gay Navy Man Facing Discharge – DADTWTF?

Remember last December when President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law? Have you noticed the months of preparation and training videos made available to the public? We haven’t imagined this, right? So why is Petty Officer 2nd Class Derek Morado facing a three member military […]

Punk’d, Betty White Style!

Betty White is getting her own reality show, and we couldn’t be more excited. At first, we thought it would be about the trials and tribulations of life as on octogenarian super star – radical! Then we actually read the news, and it’s going to be an old people’s version of Punk’d, with a […]

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Rebecca Black Swan – Friday

Just when you thought Friday pop culture infiltration had peaked…dun dun DUN! This Black Swan/Rebecca Black mashup got us looking so crazy right now. Fun, fun, fun – you know what it is. Ecstasy, lesbian sex, violence, hooking up with strangers in filthy bathrooms, masturbating in front of your mother […]

Gay blog: Jake can jump into our body anytime

Jake Gyllenhaal Can Jump Into Our Bodies Anyday

Sexy man Jake Gyllenhaal was on The Daily Show last night, in to promote his new movie Source Code. The movie is about a solider who gets caught up in an operation that puts him in another person’s body for 8 minutes, over and over again, until he can find […]

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Twin Baby Boys Discuss Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

The original was pretty fantastic in its own right, but this Lady Gaga and Katy Perry take on this adorable twin baby boys’ kitchen conversation takes the cake. “How bout that new song from Gaga,” indeed! “That one makes me want to dance!”

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Marvel’s Fear Itself Trailer

It’s hardly a secret that the second great love of my life is comic books. The first is a toss up between my handsome partner and well, dirty puns. Marvel Comics is ramping up toward 2011’s big intercompany crossover, Fear Itself. Matt Fraction and Stuart Immomen have stolen the keys […]

Gay blog: Dick is back

Richard Simmons Is Gayer Than Ever for Air New Zealand!

Ol’ Dick is at it again, and he looks gayer than ever! He’s doing the safety video for Air New Zealand, and we can only imagine the reaction that straight people are going to have watching this video before every flight. The double entendres are almost too much for even […]

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Imma Homo – Hip-Hop Huh-gay

“Next time you see me in the club, don’t forget the buttplug. Six color click, come holla at a real thug.” Uh…noted. Just because we’re scared of half the gay rappers in hip-hop’s answer to Born This Way, doesn’t mean that Imma Homo isn’t the most ridiculously badass jam ever […]