Month: May 2011

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Your Cell Phone Is Killing You

…but only as much as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform. So there’s that. The World Health Organization has made official what your grandmother has been warning you about for a decade. Masturbation will make you go blind. Cell phones are linked to cancer. Prior to the announcement today, the organization had […]

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Britain’s Got Talent(ed Topless Britney Impersonators) [NSFW]

Britney Spears impersonator Lorna Bliss takes her work very seriously. 10 years worth of seriously. So seriously that when Britney had her epic meltdown, Bliss shaved her own head in solidarity. She’s also had dental work and facials (is this British code for plastic surgery?) to mirror Spears’ look. Bliss […]

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50 State Stereotypes In 2 Minutes

Author Paul Jury has put together this handy video listing the virtues…err…stereotypes of all fifty states in our great nation. Clever boy! Some of our favorites: IDAHO – Potatoes and Napoleon Dynamite, god we’re cool. KENTUCKY – Farming from the future, textbooks from 1925. MISSOURI – We’re #1! In meth. […]

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World Sex Records Infographic

Who has had the most sex partners (62 men!) in a day? How about the most partners (101 women!) in a month? A Lifetime? These answers and more than enough information to make your genitals fall right off of your body in today’s gay infographic. Just reading this makes us […]

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Miley Kombat: Cyrus Vs. Rick Santorum

Miley Cyrus has dipped her toe into political waters with a tweet calling our Rick “frothy mix” Santorum‘s ignorant and homophobic views on gay marriage. Coming along for the ride is hipster Mecca Urban Outfitters, for their contributions to Santorum’s political campaign. The singer called upon her fans to not […]


U.S. Adults Estimate that One in Four Americans Is Gay

Wowzers: In the latest Gallup poll, American adults, on average, estimate that 25% of their fellow Americans are gay! This is just simply too hard to believe, especially given that only a slim majority support gay marriage rights. If Americans think that there are that many gays, how can they truly […]