Month: June 2011

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Rapture Believer Shoots Coworker After World Fails To End

Surely you remember the Great Rapture That Wasn’t of 2011? And the bankruptcies and suicides that followed? It’s time to add another strike against doomsday prophet Harold Camping. Ahem… Jerry Andrews was shot in the shoulder at a Eugene, Ore., hydraulics shop on Friday. The accused shooter is a coworker […]

I’m Just Sayin’: Defending Tracy Morgan Is Ridiculous

UB reader Thomas sent us this viewer commentary on the Tracy Morgan, ahem, incident that apparently aired on St. Louis’ NBC affiliate channel, KSDK. We were blown away. First of all, no. Second, who is this dude and again, NO. Third, you’re defending a guy who threatened to kill his […]

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Marcus Bachman: Gays Are Barbarians That Need To Be Educated

Marcus Bachman, former “Ex-Gay Reparative Therapist” and husband of Tea Party presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, compares homosexuals to barbarians in need of education and discipline in a lovely clip unearthed by Think Progress. In a sane and rational world, this would hands down mean the end of Michele Bachmann’s run […]

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WTF: Westboro Baptist Church Invited to FBI Training

The FBI dropped a bomb of its own on Wednesday, announcing that members of the notoriously anti-gay fundamentalist group Westboro Baptist Church participated in spring training sessions with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The trainings, which occurred on four separate occasions at Quantico and Manassas, are usually reserved for police […]

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Is Michele Bachmann’s Husband an ‘Ex-Gay’ Reparative Therapist?

Truth Wins Out and “a national magazine reporter” are on the trail of Tea Party Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus. Mr. (Doctor?) Bachmann has allegedly performed ex-gay reparative therapy, a practice found to be fraudulent and dangerous by every single medical, psychiatric and psychological organization in the country. The […]

A Brief Guide To Boogers (Infographic)

Where my rhinotillexomaniacs at? Holla! Picking your nose is gross, but so is swallowing the gallon of mucus a day that drips down your throat from your nose. Today’s infographic has up gagging, but we learned so much! Like just how many people pick their nose? How many then turn that […]

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CA Catholic Church Refuses Gay Man His Funeral

San Diego, California devout Catholic and local businessman John Sanfilippo died last week from complications due to emphysema. Sanfilippo, who left a large sum in his will to his church, had made arrangements for his funeral to be held at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Little Italy, […]

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Did NYC Police Fake Complaints To Raid Gay Bar During Pride?

Background: New York passes marriage equality law. Police raid NYC gay bar on the same night, The Eagle; claim it was due to frequent 311 complaints. The Eagle is cited for 6 different violations. I’m all, “Do better, Eagle.” Got it? Got it. But all is not as it seems. […]

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9 Teens Arrested For Beating, Robbing Gay Man

WWLP reports: SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Nine teens and preteens were arrested for allegedly beating and robbing an openly gay man at a Springfield park Tuesday morning. The 30 year-old victim was badly hurt in the attack, which police are labeling a hate crime. According to Springfield Police Sergeant John […]