Hornet and Blued, Enter Into First Global Cooperation

Hornet and Blued, Enter Into First Global Cooperation

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Gay Social Networks, Hornet and China-Based Blued, Enter Into First Global Cooperation

Hornet, the world’s second largest gay social network, announced today that it has entered into a mutually beneficial cooperation with Blued, the largest gay social network in China. As part of the cooperation, Blued will be participating in an extension of the funding round to help expand upon the momentum and growth rates Hornet has been experiencing.

Hornet’s business momentum reached new levels this past year with the acquisition of Vespa and Unicorn Booty. Hornet is now the number one gay social network in markets including France, Russia, Brazil and is showing rapid organic growth in other key markets. This follows a recent $8 million round of institutional funding for Hornet in the latter part of 2016.

With over 15 million total and 3 million monthly active users, Hornet has begun global conversations with brands and platforms about bridging the divisions between the gay community.

“Hornet has one of the most successful growth rates of all the gay social apps on today’s global market,” said Geng Le, CEO of Blued.  “We share a vision to bring gay apps outside of the first generation hook-up model, and into digital homes for the gay community.”

“Gay apps have always been looked upon as siloed divisions of the same global community,” said Christof Wittig, CEO, Hornet. “This cooperation unites Hornet’s and Blued’s shared vision, that of our respective audiences fostering growth while extending and respecting what it means to truly be a worldwide community.”

Hornet’s free social network app available on iOS, Android, and the web. It recently introduced its version 3.0 which features an activity feed and the discover platform, which will take gay apps to the next level.

About Hornet Networks
Hornet is the world’s second largest gay social network. Founded in 2011 with the mission to provide the best quality product, it has grown to 15 million total and 3 million monthly active users. Hornet is number one in the key markets of France, Russia, Brazil and Turkey and is consistently expanding its sizable user base in the United States.

About Blued

Blued is a China-based, gay social network application focused on the global “pink economy.” Begun in 2012, Blued has grown to 27 million total users, with 6 million outside China. Blued’s live streaming and advertising business offer LGBT companies strategic cooperations, with the aim to build a globally leading ecosystem of gay social networks. More information can be found via their website: https://www.blued.com/en/


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