Introducing Hashtags! Find Profiles Faster through Better Searches

Introducing Hashtags! Find Profiles Faster through Better Searches

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In the latest update, Hornet lets users cache profiles with hashtags for better, customizable searches.

Think back to when you first signed up for Hornet. Maybe you were an online dating pro, with folders of apps and spotless selfies ready to send. Maybe you were totally new to the scene, unsure if online dating was for you, anxious to download the app and meet someone special. No matter how your story with us began, we at Hornet want to give you more tools to keep telling that story—to find the right community for your passions, your pleasures and your interests.

That’s why our latest update has a new yet familiar feature—hashtags. You can now categorize your profile with the hashtag symbol and a keyword, just like Twitter and Facebook. Now, Hornet Search can pull up your profile more easily through an endless variety of search terms, bringing you one step closer to Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. Whether you’re #looking or just need a few #friends for karaoke night, Hornet’s hashtags introduce you more quickly to men who want just what you want.

No guy fits neatly into just a few categories, like “geek” or “twink.” Some of us are still #questioning. Some of us have been out for a while and are looking for the perfectly snug #littlespoon. Gay men are so much more than sexual orientation. Our diverse interests make us a vibrant community of fans, professionals and amateur hobbyists. Love #baking? Find someone to make a sweet confection for two. Can’t stop binging #JessicaJones? Cozy up for some Netflix and chill. Planning a #hiking trip this weekend? Take to the outdoors with a friend. Hornet celebrates your interests, and we’re making it easier than ever to share what makes you unique with someone special.

Hornet wants to put the power to find what’s right for you in your hands. These hashtags go deeper than regular profile filters and open up incredible new possibilities for our community of 7 million men strong. Our mission is still to give every single user a chance to find his community.

Start hashtagging today and see who you discover in your area! Share with us your favorite hashtags here on the app or on Twitter at @HornetApp.


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