Discover & Connect

Discover & Connect

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Today we’re very excited to introduce a brand new way to discover and connect with interesting guys around you.

Too often we’ve often found ourselves feeling constrained by the ‘grid’ format, a format that has served us so well as a simple way to find guys nearby; becoming increasingly aware that just beyond the grid lay many more missed opportunities.

So starting today we’re introducing two new tabs on Hornet: Discover, and the Activity Feed.

With Discover you’ll find a purpose-built tab geared entirely towards giving you new ways to browse for guys to connect with. We’re starting off on familiar ground, by consolidating features you probably know already – finding guys with similar interests or preferences via the powerful #hashtags search, ‘New Guys’ and ‘Who Checked You Out’, but over the next few weeks we’ll be expanding this significantly with new ways of discovering guys you might otherwise have missed.

Over on the Activity Feed you’ll see what your favorites have been up to – a great opportunity to compliment someone on a new photo or reach out to someone you haven’t chatted to in a while. We’ll also let you know about new guys that you might be interested in, so you can spend more time chatting and less time combing through the grid.

We’ve loved building and using these new features ourselves, and we’re excited to finally get to share them with you!

The Hornet Team

PS. And don’t worry – the grid is not going anywhere.


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