Orlando Need for Blood Donations

Orlando Need for Blood Donations

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Our hearts go out to our lost brothers in Orlando, their families, including their gay boyfriends, friends and lovers.  However, we’ve sent a message to all of our users in Florida to donate blood if they’re able and to ask their friends.

Right now, and following the mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse, an LGBT nightclub, there is an official call for blood donations and urgent need to help the dozens of injured victims. For many of us gay and bisexual men, however, we remain legally barred from donating blood.

Under new FDA rules, a small minority of gay men who have been celibate for one year  are able to donate.

While this fact may anger some and prevent many from donating, we want to focus on the urgent need that we must fill.  Please help those who can donate today do it. We’ve added to the discussion below on the legal barrier and will bring that fight up again in the weeks to come.

Donate Blood HERE

More on the donating blood issue:

Celebacy is a strong bar for any human being, gay or straight.  The bar includes monogamous long-term couples.   This bar is not equal.  Straight men and women who may have multiple anonymous lovers can donate at any time.  Therefore, the rules is really just a new way of banning gay men.  It is an illogical approach and not supported by science.  Globally this leaves the USA in the stone age as other countries removed such limitations.

The FDA has had a sour relationship with gay men stretching all the way back before the original HIV Crisis in 1983.  These new rules are again an issue of homophobia and not science.  is

We will not condemn ourselves to do nothing.  Those who can donate will donate, those who can’t will ask their friends, parents, and strangers.

Our hearts hang low today but our chest beats and will honor our lost and we will go on loving.  #LoveWin

Other ways to help victims and the community click here.


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