National HIV Testing Day

National HIV Testing Day

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It’s National HIV Testing Day it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about why knowing your status is such an important part of gay men’s health. Knowing your status means you have useful information about your health that you can take action on.

Hornet is happy to provide you with options for finding a testing locations, gaining more information about PrEP, and engaging other users about your status. In your Favorites section you will find a profile for When you send this profile a chat message it will help you find places nearby where you can go get an HIV test. It’s quick, it’s easy, and there may be multiple options nearby.

Testing can be a scary or nerve wracking experience. We understand that. One of the universal experiences of gay men is getting an HIV test. My last test was 20 years ago and I was worried and anxious because I thought it would come back positive. And it did. But I quickly learned that I could find support from friends, family, my community, and even online.

The most important things to realize after a positive result is that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you can still have sex, and you can live a long, healthy life. Treatment options are available, even to those without insurance, and an undetectable viral loads means good health and that it’s virtually impossible to transmit HIV.

If you are negative you have options for preventing HIV. One of the newest options is PrEP: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, which is when someone who is HIV-negative takes a daily pill to prevent HIV. More information about PrEP can be found through the profile in your Favorites. Just send the word ‘info.” PrEP allows for great control and empowerment around your sexual health.

If you haven’t used the Know Your Status (KYS) feature in Hornet, now is the time to discover KYS. When you edit your profile you can choose to share your HIV status and you can set a testing reminder. This feature allows you to share more information with others and is also a convenient way to remember to get tested.

HIV testing day is not just about getting individuals tested. It’s about creating a world in which people are not negatively impacted by their test results.

Whatever your HIV status you are a part of the Hornet community and we celebrate you, your health, and your sexuality. We strive to create a space free of judgment and stigma and where you can happily be who you are. Be yourself. Know yourself.

Know your status. 


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