Game Changers in the HIV Response: Gay Dating App Efforts to End the Epidemic by 2030

Game Changers in the HIV Response: Gay Dating App Efforts to End the Epidemic by 2030

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Hornet joins the International Aids Conference #Aids2016 to discuss the work mobile technology can play in combatting HIV.  

New information and communication technologies (ICT) are fast becoming an important source for enhancing the reach and effectiveness of HIV programmes among men who have sex with men (MSM). Dating application platforms are increasingly used to convey facts on prevention and promote access to services and some have also undertaken their own awareness campaigns to ensure the health and safety of their users. This session presents findings of a systematic review of evidence on the impact of such programmes on behaviours and service uptake, and provides a platform for discussions around utilizing dating apps as a tool for combination prevention. The session is targeted to policy makers, researchers and community representatives interested in the topic. At the completion of the session, participants will understand the emerging evidence around the use of ICT to reach MSM populations and will be able to identify good practices in health promotion through dating applications.

Hornet founder Sean Howell said, “Social Networks exist for their users and as a gay company, we will continue to invest in ways to amplify, as well as alter, HIV prevention and treatment efforts to better meet the needs of all gay men.”

Co-Chair: Karl Dehne, Switzerland, UNAIDS
Co-Chair: Patrick Sullivan, United States,

WEBS02 Game Changers in the HIV Response: Gay Dating App Efforts to End the Epidemic by 2030

 Time:Session Room 2
Wednesday 20 July, 14:30 – 16:00 Sean Howell, will present the work that Hornet does to leverage its sophisticated geo specific technology to empower users around HIV education, as well as intervention and treatment strategies.  Hornet partners with supranational organizations like WHO, ECDC, UNAIDS, as well as local organizations in Thailand, Ukraine, Brazil, Philippines and many others to connect users with services. In 2016 they launched a global campaign, Blue Ribbon Boys with MSMGF to facilitate Peer to Peer advocacy.

Gay Men attending the conference who have never used Hornet before are invited to try and receive free premium

Learn about Hornet hiring senior health innovation strategist Alex Garner. 

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