Hornet and ITB Asia Mark Milestone with First Gay Media Presentation in Singapore

Hornet and ITB Asia Mark Milestone with First Gay Media Presentation in Singapore

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Hornet, the world’s premier gay social network, today announced that president and co-founder, Sean Howell will be speaking at ITB-Asia, the leading event for the tourism sector in Asia. Howell’s presentation will be at the ITB Social Responsibility: Spotlight on LGBT Travel session and will highlight the 1 trillion dollars LGBTQ market size and opportunities in LGBTQ advertising as well as Hornet’s strategy and execution in targeting LGBTQ audiences.

“It is a privilege to speak at the ITB-Asia on the importance of the LGBT market globally and especially in Asia,” said Howell. ITB Asia is the premier meeting place for the travel trade industry and a forum for sharing our LGBTQ market insights and how the hospitality sector can better serve and attract this large market.

Howell will speak on the power of mobile apps to reach the pink economy and share insights on how Hornet was able to garner 2.5 billion ad impressions per month.  LGBT was previously considered too hard a demographic to reach at scale.  Hornet has 25 million users worldwide and 5 million in Asia.  250 million messages are sent across Hornet each week.  Hornet Stories is the largest LGBT news portal in the world, producing daily stories in Chinese, Portuguese, French, English, Spanish and supports content in a growing number of other languages like Thai, Arabic and Russian.

Hornet is the leading gay media company across Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Chiang Mai Thailand.  With an estimated 158,400,000 estimated gay men in Asia and another 108,000,000 located outside of Asia, this is too large a market to ignore.  Hornet will present how large corporations are reaching out to these consumers and share best practices from experiences within Asia.  With a predicted 40 billion dollar mobile-ad spend in 2017, as well as over 50 percent of the LGBTQ community choosing mobile over desktop, Hornet has grown and adapted its content creation to serve its members who are consuming news quickly and on-the-go using their mobile devices.

Hornet will continue the conversation the conversation of LGBT Tourism at Taiwan Pride October 28th following ITB-ASIA.


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