Help End the Torture of Gay Men in Chechnya!

Help End the Torture of Gay Men in Chechnya!

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The government in the Russian Republic of Chechnya has vowed to eradicate its gay population in less than 30 days. Hornet app is proud to partner with Alturi in helping raise funds for ILGA-Europe and the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) to coordinate the emergency relocation of gay men from Chechnya to Western Europe.

We are strongly committed to the safety and security of our community of users in Chechnya. Working in partnership with Russian LGBT Network, Hornet continues to distribute information and resources through the app to men in the region.  We send alerts to users to help them maintain their safety and security. We are also working with international partners to connect men with evacuation efforts.

LGBT people everywhere have the right to live free and equal. As gay men in Chechnya struggle to endure this crisis, they need our support. Some will be fortunate enough to evacuate the country but many more will be left behind.

Activists on the ground having been taking great risks to keep gay men safe and alive. Their work is dangerous and often thankless but so incredibly important. We stand in solidarity with all LGBTQ Chechens as they pursue a life of dignity, justice, and equality.

Stories of kidnapping, torture and murder of gay men were first reported April 1st by the Russian independent newspaper Navoya Gazeta. Since then reports detailing the horrors taking place in detention centers across Chechnya have appeared in media around the world. Gay men who have escaped Chechnya have detailed their experiences to international human rights organizations.

Will you help?

Your tax-deductible donation will help this network of European LGBTI human rights defenders organize the effort inside Russia to find safe haven for those under threat.

$25 will provide food for one day

$50 will pay for safe shelter

$100 will cover all visa related fees

$250 will pay for one plane ticket to the first safe destination

$600 will pay for the plane tickets to a final safe destination

Donate Today. Please share our campaign widely. Time is short and the need is great.

#EyesOnChechnya #CloseTheCamps #Chechnya

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