Converse x Miley Cyrus: Our Favorite Collection of Pride Month Is Here

Converse x Miley Cyrus: Our Favorite Collection of Pride Month Is Here

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Miley Cyrus is teaming up with Converse again this year to make sure people are enjoying pride celebrations around the world in a fun and fashionable way, while also giving back to community organizations doing some of the good work. That’s right: the 2018 Converse Pride Collection is here!

While lots of shoe brands put out fabulous pride kicks for the LGBTQ community to don, we’re especially in love with what Converse creates every year. One feature that catches people’s eyes are the striking rainbow soles that scream “pride” every time you lift your foot.

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“Pride represents the incredible progress made possible when voices come together and speak out,” a statement reads. “The global movement demonstrates that a spark can ultimately change the course for generations to come, and serves as a reminder that there is more work to be done everywhere.”

Our favorite part

“Born out of the Converse Pride Employee Network, the Converse Pride Collection carries this spirit as the brand’s annual Pride celebration. It also serves as a small contribution for those that have paved the way and continue to advocate for people of all ages to be their true selves today.”

The 2018 Converse Pride Collection Platform

Designed in partnership with Miley Cyrus, the net proceeds of the 2018 Converse Pride Collection will support non-profits that serve LGBTQ youth, including the Happy Hippie Foundation, It Gets Better Project, Minus 18 and RainbowYOUTH.

2018 Converse Pride Collection Footwear

The footwear collection consists of four different styles. Our favorite is the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform High Top with a multi-color stack inspired by the Pride Flag, though it’s sadly only available in women’s sizes. Luckily, the other three styles, the Chuck 70 High Top (with a multi-panel striped design), and glittery polka-dot printed Chuck Taylor All Stars in both high and low-tops, are available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes.

Converse Pullover Hoodie and Track pant

The apparel collection features a Converse Pullover Hoodie and Track pant combo with a rainbow glitter stripe down the sleeves and legs. There is also a glitter polka-dot tee, available in black or white, which offers a layering option for mix-and-match styling. That same polka-dot print is also featured on a hat.

Glitter Polka-Dot Tee and Shoes

The 2018 Converse Pride Collection by Miley Cyrus is available now exclusively here and at select Converse stores, with prices ranging from $45 to $110.

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