2,400 Year Old Mosaic Basically Says “YOLO” On It

2,400 Year Old Mosaic Basically Says “YOLO” On It

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Turkish archaeologists recently discovered a 2,400 year-old-mural from 3rd century BC that features a skeleton holding a wine bowl, sitting next to a loaf of bread and sitting alongside a message that basically says, “YOLO” (you only live once).

The actual message reads, “Be cheerful, enjoy your life,” and it’s written in ancient Greek rather than Turkish because it was discovered in a southern part of Turkey that used to be part of the ancient Greek-Roman city of Antioch. Researchers say that the full mosaic is pretty much one-of-a-kind.

Archaeologists think that the mural might have belonged in the dining room of some upper class person. You can almost imagine the upper class Grecians in togas, eating olives and sipping wine while saying, “YOLO, my dear Octavius. YOLO.”

Though the mosaic reminds us of the drinking skeleton from The Last Unicorn (see how literary we are?), its message is truly timeless. Now go eat a loaf of bread and drink a bottle of wine — because YOLO.

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