3 Big, Longtime Gay City Magazines Just Died. Here’s Why

3 Big, Longtime Gay City Magazines Just Died. Here’s Why

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Frontiers magazine in Los Angeles, Next magazine of New York City and the Florida Agenda are all going away after a court recently seized assets of the publications’ parent company, Multimedia Platforms (MMPW), in response to a lawsuit effectively suspending all operations. This is a pretty big deal seeing as Frontiers has been a major gay magazine in LA for 35 years and Next has been in NYC for 23 years, and the Florida Agenda has been around since 1999 when it was the Express Gay News and later the South Florida Blade in 2009.

An off-the-record source has said that MMPW has been on the brink on ruin long before its public opening on the stock market in 2015 — the company’s founder and CEO Bobby Blair says he has retained legal counsel to fight the court’s decision, but has declined to say who. The magazines’ staffs could try to relaunch the brands on their own, but considering that the publications owe money to their freelancers, advertisers and printers, the parent company may have burned too many bridges for the publication staffs to continue on their own.

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