3 Huge Spoilers From The <em>Looking</em> Movie Finale

3 Huge Spoilers From The Looking Movie Finale

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Even though HBO will unveil the feature-length finale of its unexpectedly cancelled gay drama series Looking on Saturday, July 23, a friend of ours saw it this weekend at the Frameline Film Festival and gave us some insights into its defining moments. Here’s three huge reveals if you just can’t wait to see what happens:

1) Augustin and Eddie Get Hitched

Apparently the film starts with the series’ main character, Patrick, returning to San Francisco for the marriage of Augustin (the scruffy, somewhat shiftless artist) and Eddie (the kind bear who works with LGBT youth). Patrick lives in Denver now and during his visit he ties up loose ends with old friends and former lovers. Meanwhile, he and Augustin philosophize about whether they’re really made for love or just destined to ruin it because they’re both so angsty and neurotic. Augustin slowly developed a soul over the series’ two seasons so he and Eddie will probably be okay. As for Patrick…

Richie (played by Mexican-American actor Raul Castillo) is pretty much the hottest guy on the entire show.

2) Patrick and Richie end up together

We have no idea why Richie likes Patrick so much: Patrick is waaaaay uptight, judgey and pretty oblivious to his own class-conscious meanness, but his puppydog eyes and bourgeois turdiness somehow win over San Francisco’s sexiest barber. The two decide that they’d like to give things another chance even though it’s unclear whether that means a long-distance relationship (since Patrick lives in Denver) or one of them moving. In real-life, Richie would have totally moved on and found a way cooler boyfriend, but oh well. (You’re too good for him, Richie!!! RUN!!!!!!)

3) Dom finally gets his chicken restaurant

Yes, you can finally sleep easy because Dom  achieves his life’s dream of opening a chicken restaurant. This resolves the biggest cliffhanger of the entire series. Haha, just kidding. No one cared about Dom’s chicken-fried dreams; they just cared if he got naked and slept with other hot dudes — which, by the way, he doesn’t. Chicken is the only raw meat he touches in the entire film. Oh well, you can always go back and watch him top that twink in season one or go down on that dude in season two.

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