The 3 Ways That Dennis Rodman Fractured His Dick

The 3 Ways That Dennis Rodman Fractured His Dick

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Most people know Dennis Rodman as the retired “bad boy” of basketball who sported dyed hair, piercings and tattoos while leading the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls to multiple NBA championship. But thanks to a recent interview with Vice, people will also know him as the guy who broke his dick three times.

Yes, even though there are no actual bones in your boner, you can in fact break your penis. It’s called a penile contusion and it happens when you force an erect penis to bend in a direction that it doesn’t normally go. If you’re really curious, go Google pictures — we’re not that kind of site. It normally requires surgery and can result in permanent deformity or pain, not to mention the severe pain and bleeding when the injury first occurs — yikes!

Anyway, Rodman recently regaled Vice with tales of his traumatized dick and the video they made illustrating his adventures (above) is totally worth watching. It avoids any squeamishness with a cute cartoon style and Rodman’s storytelling is hilarious. You might also learn a thing or two; namely, avoid  overly-enthusiastics receptive partners and don’t give in if any medical professionals try to blackmail you by selling pictures of your broken dick to the tabloids.

Rod Man is still going strong, showing us all that you can still party hard even after your sex life literally breaks you in two. Legendary.

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