5 Videos Of Sexy Men Pretending To Be Pregnant

5 Videos Of Sexy Men Pretending To Be Pregnant

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Why we’re covering this: Sex positivity, yo. Plus, pretty soon men will be able to get uterus transplants and start having babies, so we should get practicing, right?

Film911.net is a niche “porn” site that specializes in non-penis-centric fantasies like vore (being eaten alive), stuffing (binge eating), CPR, tickling, guy punching, and — most notably — MPREG (Male PREGnancy).

In an interview with Vice magazine, Film911’s founder says that while some male models aren’t willing to have gay sex on camera, many are open to feigning pregnancy. The resulting videos show same-sex couples being very sweet and nurturing while the “pregnant” dude reveals a vulnerable side we’re not used to seeing in porn, let alone anywhere else.

MPREG is just the most unique fetish we’ve heard of since ovipositors, so we wanted to explore the trend by looking at five of Film911’s YouTube videos. You’ll either find them erotic, hilarious or both.