6 Atlanta Cops Fired For Raiding Gay Bar

6 Atlanta Cops Fired For Raiding Gay Bar

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Six more naughty, naughyt police officers have been fired in the prolonged aftermath of an illegal 2009 raid on Atlanta gay bar, The Eagle. (Why is it always The Eagles?)

On the night that all the big bad went down, customers were forced to lie face down on the floor while police officers called them gay slurs and ran illegal background checks. The national attention brought on by gay blogs not dropping the story led to an investigation and lawsuit which saw the owners of the bar and the mistreated patrons awarded with an unprecedented $1 Million settlement.

Six Atlanta police officers have been fired — and others face disciplinary action — after an investigation found they lied about what happened during a raid on an Atlanta gay bar.

A team of lawyers conducted an investigation into the incident and released a report last month saying that at least 10 officers lied and many deleted data from cell phones to hide their actions during the September 2009 raid.

Six officers were dismissed Friday “for violating the department’s truthfulness policy,” police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a statement. Two other officers accused of lying had already been dismissed as a result of an unrelated internal investigation, Campos said, and Chief George Turner ordered that the charges against two others be withdrawn because there wasn’t enough evidence they lied.

The officers in question were found to have lied to reporters in an effort to cover up their illegal activities, and to have deleted electronic records organizing the cover-up.


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