7 Must-Have Items for Your Upcoming Mexican Beach Vacation

7 Must-Have Items for Your Upcoming Mexican Beach Vacation

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Spring Break and summer are rapidly approaching — and what better place to spend them than in Mexico? In addition to working on your beach body (Instructions: Take your body to the beach), you’ll need to bring a few items. Some of them are just good advice — but we also want to make sure you’re stylin’ while on those beautiful Mexican beaches.

1. Cool Shades

Mexico is known for its beautiful summer weather, which means it’s bright out! You’ll need a pair of classic sunglasses to rock the sunset parties of Cabo San Lucas. Our favorites this season come from Calvin Klein, and they’re available in gray, blue (pictured above) and burgundy. Get your favorite color before someone else does! Devlyn Glasses Store (MEX $3,089/USD $157)

2. The Obligatory Beach Read

Beach parties are fun, but sometimes you just want to relax, sunbathe and jump into a new book. Let us suggest Mosaic Virus by gay Puerto Rican author Carlos T. Mock. All of his books are great, but Mosaic Virus is our favorite yet. It’s the story of a Catholic priest in search of a cure for the mysterious disease killing his colleagues. Amazon (MEX $489/USD $24.95)

3. On-Trend Accessories


Everyone knows the key to a successful look is the accessories — even when you’re wearing next to nothing. Nothing matches the beautiful blue of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific better than this bracelet from the Mexican luxury brand Pineda Covalin. Inspired by traditional Mexican crafts, this great arm candy adapts to anyone’s personality — and Pineda Covalin is known for its outstanding quality. Pineda Covalin (MEX $1,260/USD $64)

4. High SPF Sunblock

It’s fun to sunbathe and work on your tan, but it’s imperative to be safe. Skin cancer’s nothing to play with, so bring a high-SPF sunscreen. We strongly recommend Avène sunscreen — it’s not just a sunblock; it’s great for your skin, too! Sanborns (MEX $411/USD $21)

5. The Perfect Tank Top

Two tickets to the gun show, please! Impress the tourists of Playa del Carmen with a sexy tank that shows off what you’ve got. Mexican designer Squalo is known for modern designs and colors — and its quality fabrics wick away sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. Of all the Squalo designs, we love this black and white tank with turquoise highlights. And it’s cheap, to boot! Squalo (MEX $209/USD $10)

6. Comfortable Shoes

There’s so much to see in Boca del Rio, the jewel of the Gulf of Mexico. But if your achy feet leave you incapacitated, you’ll miss out on its boutique hotels, amazing seafood restaurants and breathtaking ocean views. Bring along the best footwear you can find. Jean Pierre has been the shoe manufacturer of Mexico since 1960, and these calf-leather moccasins are both trendy and comfy. Jean Pierre (MEX $3,499/USD $178)

7. The Sexiest of Swimwear

Puerto Vallarta is the gay capital of Mexico, so a sexy swimsuit is mandatory. And you heard it here first — the swimsuit of summer 2017 is going to the square-cut brief. How sexy is that?! The one brand that comes to mind when we think ‘sexy swimwear’: Charlie. They quite simply ooze sex. Just check out the above suit, Charlie’s White Pajama Stripe Square Cut Brief. Charlie (MEX $2,479/USD $130)


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