This Chinese Woman Is Finally Transitioning at the Age of 72

This Chinese Woman Is Finally Transitioning at the Age of 72

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Xin Yue, a 72 year-old transgender Chinese woman living in Beijing, is finally fulfilling her lifelong desire to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

In February, Xin went to a hospital in Huizhou for breast implant surgery and construction of a vagina, reports.

Xin’s wife Leng Rui was nervous about the safety of the procedure, but supportive. She told the Southern Metropolis Daily, “I didn’t think too much about it. All I wanted was for her to be happy.”

Xin’s daughter, who lives abroad, also welcomed the change. Xin said, “She even joked that later she would have two mothers.”

Like the WWII veteran who recently came out, Xin has been waiting for this all her life. Xin’s childhood nickname was Erguniang, “second girl.” Her mother dressed her in colorful girls’ clothes and girls’ shoes.

Xin loved it. But when she went to elementary school, she had to cut her hair and wear boys’ clothes. Xin quickly became withdrawn, hiding from the other children and spending most of her time sewing at home.

Xin did not begin to transition again until after retirement. After she finally got online, she met other trans netizens and began to learn about hormone therapy. But she disliked using hormones.

It wasn’t until Xin decided to undergo surgery that she told her wife she was going to transition, says.

Leng took Xin to psychologists to “cure” her of being transgender. After seeing how miserable that made Xin, Leng grew to accept her spouse for who she really was. She came to support Xin’s decision.

The case shows that China might be moving forward in terms of LGBTQ acceptance. China’s reality TV queen is a trans woman, too.

But progress is mixed. China’s censorship bureau has cracked down harder on LGBTQ media during the past few years, yanking queer-themed television shows off online streaming services. And same-sex marriage looks like it’s still a long way away.


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