Keep Your Insta From Becoming a Sea of White Guy Thirst Traps and Follow These 9 Smart and Sexy People

Keep Your Insta From Becoming a Sea of White Guy Thirst Traps and Follow These 9 Smart and Sexy People

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There’s an entire world of sexy, intelligent queer men out there on Instagram that you’ve never heard of. So we did some research and found nine smart and sexy folks that you’ll absolutely love— they all have different interests and they’re all QPOC Instagrammers (that’s queer people of color, dig?). So if you’re tired of the usual run of cornfed, Abercrombie and Fitch boys filling your feed, follow these folks and add some much needed color to your life.


1. Yves Mathieu

don’t apologize for being who you are

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This sexy inked urban model not only makes excellent eye-candy, he’s also social justice-oriented on issues of queer and trans people of color. He’s also a fierce dancer, scream rock singer and a proud dog dad. Now if we can just meet him in person….


2. Dino Foxx

Although she’d probably hate us saying so, Dino Foxx has a Latinx aesthetic reminiscent of Drag Race Season 9 alum Valentina, except with a bearded glam and draglesque style that’s all her own.

This bear-ette works in Berkeley, California as an artist, podcaster, director of photography and plus-size model, but she’s also one of our favorite QPOC Instagrammers. She posts tasty pics of comida and pics of herself out of drag that are equally tasty, if not more so.


3. Jeffrey Mar

Mar is a Chicago-based, Alaskan bartender and illustrator who has worked on a series of otherworldly illustrations called The Darkest Hour. He regularly posts selfies hanging out with his adorable pals and is also a Marvel superhero geek — total boyfriend material.


4. Trappy Hour Harlem

Trappy Hour is a lit as hell weekly dance party in Harlem, New York that brings together a broad range of queer, black and Latinx artists and shakers for an exquisitely ratchet good time. Its DJs spin everything from Bounce and Trap to pop and southern tracks.

It’s hosted by New York local Leon Curry and brings together good vibes and interesting folks like nothing you’ve ever seen — the party’s Instagram is filled with an array of sexy, arty party-goers as well.


5. Rico Dalasam

Rico Dalasam is an openly gay, Brazilian rapper whose fiercely political lyrics and dope beats get crowds turnt.

“I do not want pop music just to put in the club,” Dalasam has said. “She needs to inject the view that you change things through anger and joy. The idea is that you can’t expect people to accept us.”

She rocks killer urban fashion, makeup and jewelry in concert pics and shots of her around town — into it.


6. Hari Ziyad


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Ziyad is the editor-in-chief RaceBaitR, a website for exploring racial expression and creating a world without intersecting oppressions; assistant editor of Vinyl, an online art and literature magazine; and a writer for Afropunk, a website addressing cultural issues of color. They’re also a public speaker, a pit bull parent and sexy as hell.



7. Aum Paradize

While Paradize describes himself as a TV content creator and online columnist, it’s his photography and handsomeness that caught our eye. He excels in cool and quirky travel pics showing his fun times around Asia. He’s also a big foodie whose up-close and colorful culinary shots are mouth-watering. And when he’s not busy traveling or chowing down, he’ll strip down for the occasional thirst-inducing selfie. Oh yesssss!


8. Dani Umpi

El 1 d diciembre presentamos #Lechiguanas , mi nuevo disco, en @cclaconfiteria . Encontralo en tiendas digitales. Buscalo en @deezerlatam @spotifylatam @claromusica @googleplaymusic @tidal @deezerlatam @applemusic @itunes @youtube Disco: “Lechiguanas” Dani Umpi, 2017. Productor Artístico: Jean Deon Productores Ejecutivos: Dani Umpi, Contrapedal y Xippas Galleries. Sello: Otras Formas Mezclado y masterizado en Andres Mayo Mastering & Audio Post Ingenieros: Felipe Alvarez de Toledo y Andres Mayo Diseño: Agustín Ceretti Fotografía: Pato Rivero Dibujos: Rox Morgan Todos los instrumentos tocados por Jean Deon Bajo en "Lucifera" y "No podrás": Ben Ochoa Voz en "Lucifera": Diosque Vos en "No podrás": Marina La Grasta (Ibiza Pareo) #daniumpi

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Umpi is a Uruguayan artist, musician and writer whose music videos are the embodiment of avant-garde. (One video has him in a fat suit, slathering his face in chocolate and hanging out with mascara-wearing man-monsters dressed in colorful tatters.)

While his Instagram features lots of self-promotional shots for his most recent work, it also has eye-popping pics of dinosaurs, queer performers and multi-color artworks from his hometown, as well as some super sexy shots, like this one (link slightly NSFW).


9. gender.fluids

Last, but not least, we love gender.fluids — it’s a real standout among QPOC Instagrammers. It’s filled with mostly femme-presenting queer people but regularly features sexy gay, bi, trans and queer dudes in sexy and fashionable shots.

Plus, if you find yourself impressed or smitten with any of the people pictured, each caption has a link to their individual Instagram account where you can learn and see more — now that’s what I’m talmabout!