90 Second Protest For Marriage Equality Makes Int’l News

90 Second Protest For Marriage Equality Makes Int’l News

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Props to the eight LGBT activists who unfurled a 75 foot banner across the intersection of 42nd and 2nd this morning in New York. The group, Queer Rising (Eek. Wonderful intention, terrible name.) told reporters, “This is about frustration.”

All eight activists were arrested on the scene 90 seconds after the protest began in Midtown Manhattan, but police admitted they would not be booked for long. Nobody wants to see peaceful protesters punished in an attempt to advance their community’s human rights.

Our sincere thanks to the brave protesters who took ninety seconds out of their day to bring an important issue in our country to light, and put it under the international spotlight. People across the world will be talking about this for far longer than a minute and a half.

Did you catch the protest live?

Via Towleroad

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