A “Beast” Kinda Outed Anderson Cooper To His Mom

A “Beast” Kinda Outed Anderson Cooper To His Mom

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“At a certain point it started to feel like by not saying something, I was saying something. It seemed like I was uncomfortable about something, which wasn’t the case. I was leading a very open gay life with my partner in New York, we’d go to gay bars…so I wrote out a letter, like a public statement, and I had it published on The Daily Beast.”

“I was actually in Africa when it was published. The day it went online I was in Botswana in a remote camp that had no Internet or phone connection, and I remember I’d forgotten to tell my mom that it was going to be published. So she read it in The New York Times and I couldn’t reach her for three days. When I finally got to a phone she said, ‘Oh, I saw that thing! I didn’t know you were going to do that!’”

Openly gay journalist Anderson Cooper talking to The Daily Beast about how and why he publicly came out after years of being out. Since Cooper was already openly gay, the Beast only “kinda” outed him (amid his public coming out) to his mother. 

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