A Beautiful Message for Mother’s Day

A Beautiful Message for Mother’s Day

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Butchbaby & Co., an LGBT-owned clothing company dedicated to creating clothing for pregnant queer, trans, or masculine wearers, just published the loveliest Mother’s Day tribute video ever, reminding any of us who needed a little extra reminding how amazing mothers are, how much they do for us, and perhaps most importantly (or at least, something not said nearly enough):

Mothers come in all colors of skin and all colors of the rainbow, and any person who takes on motherhood deserves to be celebrated.

…Continually.  But especially today.


With a mission to design clothing for expecting mothers who are gender-nonconformist, they refer to their products as “alternity” wear, which is a wonderful word. What is alternity, you ask?

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Hats off to the Butchbaby & Co team for being so awesome, creating such a great video, and helping out so many expecting mothers, and also…

Way to make me totally cry, you big sweetheart jerks!

All right. Time to call my mom.

Butchbaby, Mothers, LGBT, Trans, Lesbian, Celebrate All Mothers, Mother's Day

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