The True Story Of A Man And His 8-Inch Bionic Penis

The True Story Of A Man And His 8-Inch Bionic Penis

Written by Terri Washington on April 10, 2017
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Nearly 37 years ago, Mohammed Abad was hit by a car in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was dragged 600 yards and, on top of multiple injuries, his penis was ripped off. Now, instead of having a bionic right arm, legs and eye like the Six Million Dollar Man, Abed has an eight-inch bionic penis.
bionic penis, mohammed abad
Three years ago, surgeons began building Abad’s bionic penis using skin grafts from his arm. The penis has two tubes along the shaft that inflate with fluid when Abad presses a button on his testicles. We’ll say this again so it sinks in; a boy had his penis ripped off at the ripe young age of 6 years old after being hit by a car and now he has a button on his testicles.
“When you want a bit of action you press the ‘on’ button, and when you’re finished you press another button. It takes seconds,” Abad told the Sun. Scientists may have just solved the problem to Whiskey dick.
bionic penis
How It Works
Abad was married two years ago but never told her about his situation — or lack thereof — and he is now divorced. Abad is still a virgin but hopes his new body part will change that soon. Abad says his ultimate goal would be to have children which, he says, would be “a miracle itself.”
Watch Secular Talk discuss Abad’s new addition:

 (featured image via The Sun)
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